Our OriginsTallers Cornet went into business around 1920 with Rafael Cornet Gall who worked as a mechanic/electrician.
He was followed by Vicent Cornet Fontanelles, mainly working on fishing vessels and semi-diesel engines etc.
In 1965 Vicent Cornet Coll joined the business. In 1975 Vicent Cornet Coll became the manager. Until this moment the business had not represented any make of engine, as the owner would buy the engine directly from the factory and then find a workshop to install it for him.

We usually work with the best known makes of engines in the region:

  •  Solé Diesel: 90 engines sold.
  •  Cummins: 20 engines sold.
  •  We also regularly help customers with the following makes of engines: Caterpillar, Mann, Iveco, Lombardini etc.

Trade relations with Volvo Penta

In 1989 Tallers Cornet started its trade relations with Volvo Penta as a Service Dealer, even though we had already worked before with Volvo Penta engines.
  • In the port of La Ràpita, in 1989 there were just two Volvo Penta engines working in fishing boats, one of them was installed by Tallers Cornet.
  • For pleasure crafts, there were about five or six engines in our area.
From 1975 to 2004 the facilities were near the port, a ground floor of about 250m2. The business started growing and the facilities were enlarged by building new floors: first floor for offices, second for management and parts, third for repairing engines and for electronical works, and the fourth for the staff changing room. In the early 90 the old facilities were enlarged for last time by buying a warehouse close to the main offices, with 350m2 ground floor. All the welding and all the works in metal, winches, fishing rigs, etc. were moved there.

While we have been acting as dealers for the region more than 301 engines for fishing boats, comercial and leisure. Leisure craft have been sold to customers who have chosen Volvo Penta as their preferred brand.

In 2009 we were named as the Volvo Penta Centre for Tarragona province and for Castellón province as far south as Oropesa.

In 2010 we increased our dealership to include the area as far north as the city of Barcelona as far south as Oropesa..

Our facilities

In 2004 the workshop was moved to its present location in the Industrial Estate near to the port and transport links. Our facilities are in premises of some 4,000m2 .

The generational renewal has seen Angel Cornet and Pau Cornet join the business in 2006 and 2011 respectively.