The management of TALLERS CORNET S.L. recognizes the necessity and importance of continual improvement, and is conscious that good service and quality should offer a guarantee and also comply with the protection of the environment. For these reasons it has opted for the implementation of integrated management in accordance with the requirements of the regulations ISO 9001:08 and ISO 14001:04.

In order to comply with these principles it is necessary to follow the systematic procedures established in our Integrated Management Manual, which requires the observance of all TALLERS CORNET S.L. personnel overseen by the leadership of the Management and other staff in supervisory positions.
    • The policy of protecting and conserving the environment started as a response to the environmental aspects generated by the undertaking of work in the customers’ facilities, in which the correct operating procedures and good environmental practice are of great importance. Therefore, to ensure the effectiveness of the management system and quality we rely on the following commitments:
    •  The continuous improvement of the efficiency of our management system and of our treatment of the environment.
    • Preventing the contamination of the environment in all of our activities.
    • The attention to the satisfaction of the customers’ needs and expectations  and the compliance with the requirements of the service.
    • The compliance with working environmental legal requirements and others to which the organization subscribes.
    • The adoption of the necessary preventative measures to avoid deviations, applying the necessary remedial measures and the avoidance of any such repetitions.
    • The establishing of annual objectives appropriate to the needs of the company and their fulfillment.
    • Analysis of data in order to take decisions.
    • Establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers.
    •  Initiating treatment of our activities as processes.
    • Training and sensitizing all our employees in environmental matters, so that they participate actively in the Integrated Management System of the organization.

The management of TALLERS CORNET S.L. with the collaboration of the staff undertakes to keep this policy up to date, to communicate and demand its compliance from all of its own staff and of subcontracted staff engaged in activities in its facilities, and to make it available to any interested party.

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